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So updates on my blog have gone decidedly downhill over recent weeks well who am I kidding since I’ve been back the-endfrom travelling.

Partly because I’ve been working so much but partly because since I’ve been back I’ve found it hard to really not so much care, but just find time to talk about Social Media when I do it all day long.

So I have decided that I need a new theme for my blog – or even a new blog.I don’t want to give up blogging although as I do enjoy it but I just don’t want to become another person blogging about Social Media repeating the same stories as a million other blogs.

So you may not hear from me for a while or I may be letting you know about a new blog I decide to start, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do!

Speak soon.x


I’ve noticed that I’ve really started to develop a passion for photography. If you read some of my other Friday posts you’ll already know about my love of light graffiti but I recently came across these smoke effect pictures on SmashAps which are gorgeous.

smoke flowers

match smoke

light bulb smoke

There’s an ongoing debate as to the ‘ownership’ of social media, in that where it should sit; Digital, PR, Media, SEO, as a separate entity etc as well the control of its planning and execution. There are arguments for and against each medium as due to its dynamic nature social media can benefit from the skill sets of all these agencies.

However it occurred to me during the discussions at the recent measurement camp that depending on the type of agency the social media activity is being run through that this will also affect how it is measured as well as how highly it is regarded in terms of accountability.

For example take a PR agency. In comparison to traditional PR social media is regarded as being highly accountable as you are able to track how many people have read your article, shared it, linked to it etc

Although in comparison the numbers can appear a lot smaller in contrast to articles published in a national paper, despite the fact that you can’t guarantee the number of people that actually read the article, it can still be regarded as a higher reach medium compared to social media activity.

In comparison if the social media activity is run through a digital agency than it is one of the least accountable parts of the online activity. Where PPC, Affiliates and Display media can track every user and their behaviour online, third party tracking can rarely be used for social media and numbers are more assumptions based on certain facts.

This may mean that the ownership of social media in the future may have an impact on how campaigns are run as well the chance that it may lose its identity and become swallowed up as part of an existing media.

So although there always a requirement for measurement maybe we should stop trying to fit social media around other existing forms of measurement and allow it to develop its own form of accountability and let its success be defined on its own merit.

Oh yes after a three month (or so) break they’re back, the Random Friday Posts!

This week I thought I’d put together a few things that I’ve found or read about on the internet that I really liked.

1. Light Graffiti Fashion – This was part of Trendhunters top 50 Tech trends of 2009, but this trend is one I really love as I have a think for Light Graffiti.

Light Graffiti Fashion

2. Haagen Dazs Five – With only 5 ingredients there’s now no reason not to indulge on your weekends. Avaliable in Mint, Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate and Passion Fruit.

haagan dazs five

3. I know its a couple of weeks since Fathers day and this ad is years old but its the first time I’d seen it, and well its my  blog so its going on there.

durex fathers day ad

4.  Funky Tattoos – I saw this on one of my new favourite blogs cakeheadlovesevil, and loved how original the designs were. To see more of Yann Tranvaille’s designs check out Emma’s original post but I really want this one:

Yann Travaille tattoo

Have a good weekend!

Last night I popped down to the shopping event hosted by the guys at Domestic Sluttery at Something on Lambs Conduit Street.

Something Shopping EventI’m a big fan of small boutiquey store and I wasn’t disappointed. The store is gorgeous and has lots of lovely items that you wont find down the highstreet (that are also really affordable).

As well as the lovely things is the shop, we were also treated to Pimms and yummy cakes from Kennards across the road as well as a goodie bag to take home.

Although Something’s isn’t  in my local area I’ll definitely be popping down again come pay day to most  likely buy up the whole store for belated birthday present for my friends as well as presents for my self!

If you didnt make it down last night I was seriously recommend going down – especially if you’ve just been paid!

I know this ad’s been out a while but it makes me smile everytime so I thought it would be rude not to add it.


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