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Getting Personal is the Key to Social Media

Posted on: October 29, 2008

Yesterday I found this article on adweek ‘Small Brands Teach Big Lessons’. Firstly I love the fact that a drunken idea down the pub has actually resulted into a successful business, especially as it is for such a random product,  ‘Bacon Salt’ – a spice that makes everything taste like bacon. But mostly I love the way that they have managed to make this a success.

Starting off with a MySpace page they spent hours messaging people that mentioned bacon any where in their profile (at the time 37,000 people). The result of this was a massive interest in their product Bacon Salt and too many orders coming through for their production to initially cope with.

The key to their success however wasn’t just that there was a massive gap in the market for Bacon Salt, it was by getting personal with the people they interacted with and who contacted them. As summarised by one of the founding partners Justin Esch “It’s the simple things people appreciate” and they found that the more they interacted with their customers and readers the more their sales increased

This is where most brands fail when they attempt to get involved in social media as they so often put themselves out there and still behave as though they were in a one way conversation. So instead of trying to do it all at once, they should start off small and do it properly. This would allow them to interact with the people they meet and make real connections instead off a one off statement or conversation.


1 Response to "Getting Personal is the Key to Social Media"

I don’t listen to information when it’s “broadcasted” as readily as I do when there’s a personal touch added to it. And in today’s information age, it’s very simple/painless to look someone up and make that connection personal!

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