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Posted on: November 19, 2008

blogging meetupLast night I attended my first Social Blogging event arranged through ‘The London Bloggers Meetup Group‘. Not quite sure what to expect I dragged a couple of friends along who also had blogs for support/ protection.

The event was at the Corney & Barrow on Jewry St (a nice bar – although not cheap) and Melanie Seasons from Fakeplastic Noodles was also speaking about her experiences and the differences between US and UK blogging.

Despite our initial reservations we all had a great time and met loads of friendly interesting people. Although we all had a common connection through Social Media and blogging it was interesting to hear about what everyone was blogging about and why they started their blogs.

Deciding that in this economic climate it made more financial sense to share bottles of wine instead of having glasses probably wasn’t the best idea on a Tuesday but we were all feeling fine this morning and looking forward to the next meetup!

N.B Feel even more under pressure to join Twitter now – will investigate today……


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Glad you had a good time 🙂 Thanks for coming!

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