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Cooking Extravaganza

Posted on: November 23, 2008

CookstrNow we’re officially in a recession and my shameful bank balence is unlikely to be boosted by a pay rise any time soon, I have been spending more time improving my limited cooking skills in an effort to save money, be more healthy and aware of what is actually going in my food.

My creations are mainly soup based as I don’t think it is possible to destroy anything that you basically puree to a pulp once you’ve cooked it but that is all about to change! One of the latest articles on Cool Hunting is about a new website that has been created by Will Schwalbe and Katie Workman called Cookstr.

Its a site that contains millions of recipes, many of which have never been published. Not only that its is possible to search for recipes by food type, chef, even your mood, there is even a ‘surprise me’ option if you’re looking for some inspiration.

I know that this has no relation to social media or blogging but it does mean we can start giving the big G (Gorden Ramsey not God!) a run for his money while also saving a bit of money, and my mate Dave won’t have to keep re-writing his recipies for me everytime I lose them!


1 Response to "Cooking Extravaganza"

nice linkage! credit crunch + media salary + snow = weekend blogging!

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