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Social Media Gets Intellectual

Posted on: November 25, 2008

mortar boardCompared to other forms of digital media such as display and search, social media isn’t yet as  accountable, and as it is still in comparison, in its infancy there are less learnings and studies around the subject.

It was therefore great to find this article from Shiv Singh which provides an overview of some of the current thinking in academia surrounding Social Media.

Not surprisingly the research shows that people are most likely to join a social network if they have friends that are already members, but also if those members are closely involved in that network.

Many of the studies looked at the power of influencers in the social media space and what makes certain networks and communities thrive compared to others, as well as which factors are key for the longevity of these communities.

Although research from Duncan Watts suggests that key influencers aren’t any more influential than any other people, and that it is actually down to how susceptible the information as to how successfully it is spread.

While I think that Duncan Watts’s findings may have the potential to become more applicable in the future as our lives become more integrated online, I think that there is still an important role in social media campaigns to identify the influencers in communities that you want to connect with to gain a deeper level of trust and integrity surrounding your message.


2 Responses to "Social Media Gets Intellectual"

Hey Social Whisperer

Greayt posts. Really interesting and informative. However can I make a request?

More pics. FlickR is the place to go for copyright free photos. The most interesting pic is the spider.

Apart from that, keep up the good work!

Thanks Dave – but its not really a picture sort of blog but I will see what I can do!! – Just for you!

Have a look at Hepper’s blog for the good pic’s!

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