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I love receiving information in bite sized chunks so when I see posts that have that have a list of anything I’m always compelled to look whatever the subject happens to be.

I have noticed recently that people have started to mix it up a bit when it comes to making these lists and its no longer specific or tidy numbers such as Top 5 or Top 10. For example a recent post on the Online Marketing Blog has a post called ’26 Tips on the Social Media Web’.

Looking at the advice and suggestions on this list the most common theme was to listen to what people are actually saying.

A quote that I quite like and use in presentations when trying to get this concept across is from Stephen Covey and think it sums it up nicely:

‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood’

So on the back of this I had a little think about what my 5 top tips would be to some one starting out in social media:

1. Listen, Listen, Listen
2. Find out where people are talking about you
3. Don’t attempt to get involved in every network and every conversation all at once
4. Learn from any negativity and don’t respond aggressively
5. Respond to people that join your conversation – even if it is just to thank them for their response


Those in the Twitterering world would be well aware of the Twitter event that happened last night called Twinterval ( made up of Twitter + Winter + Festival) Although tickets were in hot demand and sold out almost instantly a new batch was released I was kindly invited by Adrian who was one of the sponsors and had a spare ticket.

twintervalAfter quickly popping in for a few christmas drinks with our favourite client, I headed down with Jaz who joined our team yesterday, despite accidently knocking a glass of wine over her. After getting lost a couple of times (despite having GPS) we finally made it to Match Bar where the event was being held.

Although I’m relatively new to twitter it was good to see a few familiar faces from the blogger meetup event a couple of weeks ago, and everyone was really friendly and I met so many nice (and mostly normal!) people.

As well as a pair of pants from Start Up Essentials and a raunchy goodie bag provided by Durex & Love Honey (I’m sure you can imagine the sort of things that were in there!) I came away with a new excitment for Twitter.

I was introduced to TwitterFoxlast night which has made things so much easier and also discovered an essential part of the conversation – the @replies bit on Twitter, which meant that I was previously missing half of the conversation and unintentionally ignoring people who had messaged me.

So bring it on, I’m going to be stepping up the Twitter action!

I saw this post on Engage PR about an American company called Sprint that asked all its employees to change their Facebook status to display exclusive offers. It also included a specific code so that it was possible to measure how many people facebooktake up the offer.

I thought this was a really great idea and although I hate the term ‘thinking outside the box’ its great when organisations are open to trying new things and being innovative in connecting with their customers especially in the online space.

I really hope that the promotion goes well and that they might be able to share any findings on the success of this trial.


Yes! Santa came round our office this morning and gave us all freshly baked minced pies! I love Christmas, and yes I have been a good girl this year (well most of the time!)

The geeky side of me has quite an interest in the semantic web, and so that and my latest interest and involvement with Twitter meant that this post on the Social Media Influence blog caught my attention: How Twitter could beat Google to the semantic web.

The article outlines an idea by Nick Bilton on how that due to people semantic webtwittering about what they are interested or doing while they’re actually doing it, ads could be highly targeted to what people are actually interested in at any one point in time.

Mark Evans at Twitterrati does however point out how that this could only be applicable to people that actually use Twitter to inform people of what they are doing or thinking at certain points of the day, and so may not be relevant for users that use Twitter as more of an information or research tool.

Although I’m fairly new to Twitter and still finding it hard getting used to posting updates (admittedly the updates I do post are normally whatever random thought I have in my head at the time), I do find other peoples posts really interesting when I get the time to read them – both those that are informative as well as those that are completely random.

But I do agree with Mark’s comment as I although I enjoy the random posts, what I find Twitter most useful for is as a place where useful information is consolidated into bitesized chunks that I can quickly review when I have 5 minutes.

What also came out of the post which had never occurred to me is to use Twitter as a search tool for what I am looking for, which I’m going to start trying to do the next time I’m on the hunt for information.

Oh yes! We put up our Christmas tree yesterday so I am officially announcing the start of Christmas! Although it may not look like much – I’m very proud and am going to put it out there and say that it is probably one of the sexiest Christmas trees South of the River.


I know I might seem slightly overexcited about this but it is the first Christmas tree I have every had of my own! So lets deck the hall with bells and holly la la la la la (yes I have no idea what the words are but you get my drift).

I don’t know what has been going on this week, everything has gone crazy! Christmas is only three weeks away but it can’t come quick enough! A little update on what I’ve been up to:

I’ve started reading ‘Secrets of Social Media Marketing’ by Paul Gillin after it was recommended by a Secrets of Social Media Marketingcouple of other bloggers and I love it. It’s really easy to read and you can open the book at any section and start reading.

Whether you’re an expert in Social Media already or a complete novice I think you will still find it interestng and insightful. Not only that it has the softest pages I have ever felt from a book – weird I know.

Update on my Twitter experience…. I’m actually getting into it! I have found that different people are using it for different reasons and so I’m treating it a bit like IM. So while messaging my mates I’m also (trying) to update my status which is making it easier for me to relate to.

It’s just finding the time to do it, Its amazing how often some people post updates – some over 200 a day! On another note I found that there are also quite a few cute men on there as well which is playing a large part in keeping me interested!

Lastly I have been learning and writing html this week which I can honestly say could be the ultimate cruel and unusual punishment (not that I’m being punished intentionally – there’s just no one else to do it). Although it is satisfying when it actually works and having a better understanding of what all the coding mean, I have great respect for people that do it day in day out!


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