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The Semantic Web & Twitter

Posted on: December 9, 2008

The geeky side of me has quite an interest in the semantic web, and so that and my latest interest and involvement with Twitter meant that this post on the Social Media Influence blog caught my attention: How Twitter could beat Google to the semantic web.

The article outlines an idea by Nick Bilton on how that due to people semantic webtwittering about what they are interested or doing while they’re actually doing it, ads could be highly targeted to what people are actually interested in at any one point in time.

Mark Evans at Twitterrati does however point out how that this could only be applicable to people that actually use Twitter to inform people of what they are doing or thinking at certain points of the day, and so may not be relevant for users that use Twitter as more of an information or research tool.

Although I’m fairly new to Twitter and still finding it hard getting used to posting updates (admittedly the updates I do post are normally whatever random thought I have in my head at the time), I do find other peoples posts really interesting when I get the time to read them – both those that are informative as well as those that are completely random.

But I do agree with Mark’s comment as I although I enjoy the random posts, what I find Twitter most useful for is as a place where useful information is consolidated into bitesized chunks that I can quickly review when I have 5 minutes.

What also came out of the post which had never occurred to me is to use Twitter as a search tool for what I am looking for, which I’m going to start trying to do the next time I’m on the hunt for information.


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