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A few years ago the Mindshare Amsterdam office made a video which I believe at the time won a Campaign award for the worst advertising gimmick of the year, which can be found here.

Just as we’re living that down Mindshare Paris have just made another one – oh the shame! (admittedly its not as bad as the first one).

The worst think is, is that I know once my boss sees it she will want to make a London one…..


Two nice little examples which show the effect of WOM (word of mouth) and/or a successful PR campaign.

Firstly the impact Jonathan Ross (@wossy) & Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) have had on Twitter.

twitter traffic graph

This graph from Hitwise (taken from Techcrunch) shows the large increase in traffic since November 2008. Since Ross’s return to his regular TV slot last Friday ( Stephen Fry also appeared) after the Sachsgate scandal numbers a have increased further still.

As awareness of Twitter continues to grow in the UK I would expect these numbers to continue to increase at the current rate for a while yet. I have noticed that even within my offline friends they are starting to talk about this ‘Twitter thing’ and asking how they can get on it.

Secondly the impact on the DEC Gaza campaign from the outrage generated gaza appealfrom the BBC and Sky refusing to show the appeal as an apparent effort to stay neutral. Communities on and off line have reacted in outrage prompting the number of donnations to double overnight since the day of the appeal going out.

While this is great news for the appeal it would of been interesting to know if the appeal would have had the same amount of donnations without the high levels of media attention surrounding the campaign.

As internet traffic has grown over the years and the internet has stopped being used predominantly as a porn database facts are continuing to be released at how other verticals are over taking this search benchmark.

Firstly a few years ago music became the first vertical to take over the porn industry for what people were searching for online.  Although at the time when I informed one of my clients about this they misunderstood my point and thought I was suggested that they started adding porn to the back of  their cereal boxes – could have been interesting!

Yesterday this article was brought to my attention from the BBC which while highlighting how social network related searches have now over take porn in the search stakes, porn related activity peaks on Sunday mornings.

Porn on a Sunday

Either this is becoming the only time in the week when people are having the time for some cheeky online searches, or with the credit crunch people aren’t going out as much as so there are less people hooking up on a Saturday night….

In a completely un-internet like style I am going to give a quick overview of the news stories that I was meant to blog about like week but had no time to.

So instead of reporting the news in real time and looking to the future for which the interent is credited for I’m going to do the completed opposite and write todays post on what has already happened! (just in case you are like me and were too busy to take it in last week)

So here goes:

Belkin ‘Astroturfing’ Scandal – Belkin got caught paying a reportedly $65 for people to reportedly write good reviews on Amazon about its products. Their response has been ‘We’re sorry, we didn’t know it was going on’ and they are investigating.

The Pope Gets his own You Tube Channel
– Last week saw the Pope launch The Vatican Channel and become one of the oldest people in the world to have his own You Tube Channel, and slightly ironically spreading caution about spending too much time in social media sites which can isolate you from real life.

The vatican channel

Social Search Engines – Following on from my Twingley post last week and an article I read on The Guardian reccomending IceRocket as their prefered choice of blog search engine. I saw this nice little list on the Online Marketing Blog for Social Search Engines.

Thailand Immigration Tactics – Slightly shocking news and not at all thailand immigrationrelated to online or social media but as I’m heading out that way in a couple of weeks thought I’d add.

Its been reported that authorities have been towing migrants from Rohingya ( Myanmar) out to sea before abandoning them in the middle of the ocean.

Oh and on a personal note I’ve got my Twestival ticket for next month – very excited, and off to the London Bloggers Meetup tonight so if any one reading this is going see you there!

Those of you that read my blog and/ or follow me on Twitter will know and have noticed how my initial resentment towards Twitter has vanished and it is almost becoming fully integrated into my life to the extent that I ashamedly give it more attention than my blog.

Naturally at it is slowly becoming an online extension of my thoughts, awareness has started to spread to my ‘offline’ friends who are now slowly twitterjoining up (please say hi to @boyonthegreen & @hayleykennedy who have just signed up).

While showing people how Twitter works so they can learn from my mistakes (like what the @replies button is so you don’t ignore people!) it reminded my of how rubbish the Twitter search function is in trying to find people with similar interests etc.

That is coincidently until today – with the launch of Twingly’s microblog twinglysearch tool. Twingly lets you search Twitter, Jaiku, Indentica as well as some of the smaller microblogging sites separately or all together to find themes or people that share your interests.

So go free and start finding more people to connect with!

I saw this ad on a couple of blogs yesterday so I thought I’d share. Its an ad for T Mobile’s – Life is For Sharing campaign involving 300 dancers breaking out into a dance flashmob stylee at Liverpool Street station last Thursday. As I was actually off last Thurday and in London I’m gutted I wasn’t in Liverpool St Station at the time.

I love that they have gone all out with the number of dancers they hired so that by the end of the ad the whole station is dancing rather than just having 20 odd people in the street. I think my favourite bit though is the old ladys getting involved and joining in with their walking sticks!

I seem to be doubling up on my Random Friday action at the moment but someone just put this on Twitter and it made me laugh so I had to add it. Happy Friday’s I hope your weekends are as good!


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