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Posted on: January 12, 2009

The cold snap has ended and been replaced with a wet, grey, miserable day that is typical of winter in Britain. To add to this joyful Monday there appears to be story after story of more impacts of the recession on advertising, which I swear they have saved up over the last week so not to upset any one on the first week back.

The IPA Bellwether Report released today outlined the dramatic cut in advertising spend in Q4 of 2008, prompting an article on Reuters ‘Advertising budgets cut at record rates‘ as well as predicting continued cut backs in 2009.

market budget predictionsI know we’re in a recession which means that there are hard times for a lot of people but I cant help but thinking that the continuous negativity published by the media just talks us further into a recession.

Obviously I’m not suggesting changing the facts or not reporting on what is going on but surely it must be possible to re-word some of the headlines to be a bit more optimistic with out giving false hope?

UPDATE: Just saw this on Mashable – Social Networking Still Still number 1 Growth Area in Online Marketing. At last some good news!


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