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Posted on: January 16, 2009

In light of the plane crash in New York yesterday the internet has been buzzing with the story of the miracle survival of everyone on the plane, thanks to the amazing skills of the pilot.

Plane Crash

So as you’d expect this has resulted in many posts/ articles on how to survive a plane crash. One I particularly like was from the Telegraph as can be found here, so incase you dont have time to read the full article (you might be boarding a plane as you read this) here’s a few pointers from the article:

  • Rail Travel is the safest form of travel (ok a bit late if you are about to board a plane but you’ll know for next time if you survive)
  • Statistically rear seats are safer. 69% of people survive when sat behind the wing, meaning that there are some benefits to low costs airlines not assigning you seats.
  • Seat belts are good – pull as tight as possible to reduce g-force
  • Brace position negotiable. I have heard this rumour before that its actually designed to kill you rather than safe you but I don’t want to influence anyone either way so suggest going with the flow at the time.
  • If there’s a fire cover your mouth with a wet (if possible – maybe pee on it?) hanky and get to the floor

I hope that helps! Have a good weekend!


1 Response to "Random Friday Post"

I am wondering if we can use your Hudson River photo for a blog page header. My husband has written a christian help book called
“In the Unlikely event of an emergency -an oxygen mask will drop from the panel above your head”
He loves this photo of the plane sitting in the river with the people being helped out .
Thanks heaps
Carol greenwood (Australia)

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