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Microblogging Search has Evolved

Posted on: January 20, 2009

Those of you that read my blog and/ or follow me on Twitter will know and have noticed how my initial resentment towards Twitter has vanished and it is almost becoming fully integrated into my life to the extent that I ashamedly give it more attention than my blog.

Naturally at it is slowly becoming an online extension of my thoughts, awareness has started to spread to my ‘offline’ friends who are now slowly twitterjoining up (please say hi to @boyonthegreen & @hayleykennedy who have just signed up).

While showing people how Twitter works so they can learn from my mistakes (like what the @replies button is so you don’t ignore people!) it reminded my of how rubbish the Twitter search function is in trying to find people with similar interests etc.

That is coincidently until today – with the launch of Twingly’s microblog twinglysearch tool. Twingly lets you search Twitter, Jaiku, Indentica as well as some of the smaller microblogging sites separately or all together to find themes or people that share your interests.

So go free and start finding more people to connect with!


1 Response to "Microblogging Search has Evolved"

Hi, thanks for the nice words! We’re very happy about the response we’ve received.

/Martin, Twingly CEO

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