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Last Week’s News in 2 Minutes

Posted on: January 27, 2009

In a completely un-internet like style I am going to give a quick overview of the news stories that I was meant to blog about like week but had no time to.

So instead of reporting the news in real time and looking to the future for which the interent is credited for I’m going to do the completed opposite and write todays post on what has already happened! (just in case you are like me and were too busy to take it in last week)

So here goes:

Belkin ‘Astroturfing’ Scandal – Belkin got caught paying a reportedly $65 for people to reportedly write good reviews on Amazon about its products. Their response has been ‘We’re sorry, we didn’t know it was going on’ and they are investigating.

The Pope Gets his own You Tube Channel
– Last week saw the Pope launch The Vatican Channel and become one of the oldest people in the world to have his own You Tube Channel, and slightly ironically spreading caution about spending too much time in social media sites which can isolate you from real life.

The vatican channel

Social Search Engines – Following on from my Twingley post last week and an article I read on The Guardian reccomending IceRocket as their prefered choice of blog search engine. I saw this nice little list on the Online Marketing Blog for Social Search Engines.

Thailand Immigration Tactics – Slightly shocking news and not at all thailand immigrationrelated to online or social media but as I’m heading out that way in a couple of weeks thought I’d add.

Its been reported that authorities have been towing migrants from Rohingya ( Myanmar) out to sea before abandoning them in the middle of the ocean.

Oh and on a personal note I’ve got my Twestival ticket for next month – very excited, and off to the London Bloggers Meetup tonight so if any one reading this is going see you there!


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