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Oh the Embarrassment….

Posted on: January 29, 2009

A few years ago the Mindshare Amsterdam office made a video which I believe at the time won a Campaign award for the worst advertising gimmick of the year, which can be found here.

Just as we’re living that down Mindshare Paris have just made another one – oh the shame! (admittedly its not as bad as the first one).

The worst think is, is that I know once my boss sees it she will want to make a London one…..


4 Responses to "Oh the Embarrassment…."


I understand your point … but,
just take it as it is. It is only a company video, a collective project, with no pretention. Since it has been online, we had very nice feedbacks from people we work with, clients, competitors and anonymous people.
Despite that, we know there can be criticisms, and we accept it. Of course it is part of the game.
Our video might not be a summum of hype, I concede.
We won’t get an Academy Award. Ok.
But, if I take very seriously and professionally my missions, I am also aware I don’t save lives, I don’t create vaccines, I work in media, and once in a while, I guess it is fair not to take myself too seriously.

If your boss wants to make a London one, I hope she will let you choose to be in it or not. As we did. Nevertheless, if you had to be in it, I hope you will have fun. As we did.

Have a nice day !

Hi Laurent

Thanks for your comments, I understand that it’s just a bit of fun, and it was only meant as a half hearted dig, as I just find corporate videos like these slightly cringey, but if it makes it better yours would be up there as one the better ones!

Have a good weekend!

🙂 Nice blog


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