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Power of WOM

Posted on: January 29, 2009

Two nice little examples which show the effect of WOM (word of mouth) and/or a successful PR campaign.

Firstly the impact Jonathan Ross (@wossy) & Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) have had on Twitter.

twitter traffic graph

This graph from Hitwise (taken from Techcrunch) shows the large increase in traffic since November 2008. Since Ross’s return to his regular TV slot last Friday ( Stephen Fry also appeared) after the Sachsgate scandal numbers a have increased further still.

As awareness of Twitter continues to grow in the UK I would expect these numbers to continue to increase at the current rate for a while yet. I have noticed that even within my offline friends they are starting to talk about this ‘Twitter thing’ and asking how they can get on it.

Secondly the impact on the DEC Gaza campaign from the outrage generated gaza appealfrom the BBC and Sky refusing to show the appeal as an apparent effort to stay neutral. Communities on and off line have reacted in outrage prompting the number of donnations to double overnight since the day of the appeal going out.

While this is great news for the appeal it would of been interesting to know if the appeal would have had the same amount of donnations without the high levels of media attention surrounding the campaign.


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