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Will the Internet Eventually Control Us?

Posted on: February 10, 2009

As the internet continues to develop through it various stages of growth it appears to be a bit like a child; initially once born it is just growing and getting accustomed to the surroundings as in Web 1.0, Web 2.0 the toddlers stage – learning to speak and communicate with other people in the world and matching words to objects.

Web 3.0 understanding the meaning behind the conversations and words and beginning to talk back to you and join in with the world around them, and then Web 4.0 the preschool age of building associations between actions the meaning of what is going on around them.
web 1.0 to 3.0

Internet growth is steadily increasing as advances in technology occur faster and faster with this growth is being based on humanising machines allowing them to understand us and how we think so we can work closer and more efficiently together.

While I think that this is more practical than trying to make humans evolve into thinking like computers, it does bring up the question that many technophob’s pose – how long will it be until computers run our lives?

I have phrased this as ‘run’ our lives and not as in Electric Dreams manner of ‘controlling or taking over’ our lives (sorry I don’t know if there are better examples of weird computer movies but that’s the only one I’ve seen).

More than 70% of people are now going online to find information and answers to their questions, however trivial without necessarily questioning the motive or source of the information.

Although I can’t find the article any more I remember reading about how in the future people will be able to Google ‘What shall I do today?’ which is slightly disturbing as although the answer could be ‘walk your dog’ (admittedly not very useful unless you have a dog), but what happens if your computer suddenly turns round and tells you to ‘kill your dog’ or worse?!


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