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Buzz Tracking Update

Posted on: February 18, 2009

Recently I have noticed that there seems to be more and more conversations occuring about buzz tracking both offline in our agency and with our clients as well as in the blogosphere and places like Twitter.

This had made me realise that I never posted an update on our Buzz Tracking activities after speaking to numerous agencies. So here you go…

A couple of months ago – back in the early days of this blog I wrote a post about our search for a buzz tracking tool. We spoke to around ten different buzz tracking agencies, looking at them from various angles and quickly realised that there was no one tool that would be able to do everything we were looking for.

So to ensure we chose the best tool for the job our findings were that each campaign would be analysed on a campaign by campaign basis in terms of budget, the type of data required, reporting functions etc which will then go into the decision of which tool would be the most appropriate.

buzz tracking

So far we’ve been using a company called Brandwatch who have been very impressive in terms of their response time, helpfulness, as well as the reports from the tool itself. I have spoken to a couple of people on Twitter who have the same opinion, and so I would say that they are a good place start if your looking to get into buzz tracking.

(Just to confirm I don’t work from Brandwatch or been paid to write nice things about them!)


1 Response to "Buzz Tracking Update"

hi sarah
i do get paid by Brandwatch and try to say nice things all the time. Thank you very much springs to mind here!


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