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It All Starts here….

Posted on: March 1, 2009

My three month adventure has begun! Arrived in Bangkok this morning and it feels like I’ve never been away.

Apart from an hour delay the flight went fine although the Jet Airways staff appeared to hate everyone. We also had a stop over in Mumbai – seriously the most manically an unorganised place every, with security that MI6 would be proud of although considering the recent problems its not surprising.

There was almost potentially an issue though, this big guy sitting next to me (as well as trying to freak me out that the plane was crashing) kept telling me that I needed a transfer visa while in the airport and that they would let me in without it.

I told him that this was ridiculous and he had obviously been conned before going on to explain that Tom Hanks in The Terminal didnt have this problem as unless you go through customs airports are like no-mans land you’re not anywhere (legally). He became quite skeptical and my customs and border control knowledge but it was rubbish and you didnt need one – so I was right anyway.

Once in Bangkok I hit a bit of a wall after nearly two days without sleep was starting to have its affect so had an amazing massage and felt so much better afterwards. So the afternoon has been spent wanderng about and having some food with a girl from Holland I met.

To make you all feel better its cloudy here today and just had a little rain although it is still 27 degrees plus!

The hostel I’m staying in tonight is on Soi Rambutri – just off the Khoa San road in a place called Lamphu House which is really nice while being amazingly cheap – 200b a night (about 4 pounds). Lamphu House

I’ve added a couple of pictures of my room although it doesnt really do it justice:


lamphu room


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so pleased you’re there safe and sound, sent you a text last week x x

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