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Friends, of Friend’s of Friends….

Posted on: March 3, 2009

Sunday night turned into a bit of a random one, despite the lack of sleep I decided to go for a drink and make some friends.

Its so easy to meet people here it happens without trying although if you’re the one who happens to make the initial contact it does feel like you’re trying to pick them up.

Any way I immediately met an English girl called Cassie and after a few drinks went to meet a guy that she’d met the night before for some food. After dinner Cassie had to leave to get a train up to North Thailand and her mate Burt invited me to come with him for a few drinks with some people he’d met that day. So in the spirit of ‘Yes Man’ I went with him despite starting to flag a bit.

The people were really lovely and came from various countries and had all met on a tour that day. As a couple of people were English we went to watch the football in this bar with a big screen we’d noticed.


It was only once we had sat down we realized that the ‘bar’ was actually the petrol station and that by night they bring out tables and chairs with candles on and turn it into a bar – people are even allowed to smoke!

Petrol Station Bar

Obviously if this was in the UK Health and Safety would have shut the place down instantly – unless some drunken English guys got there before them and had blown the place up from playing with the pumps.


Any way it turned into a really nice first night considering I didn’t really expect to meet people straight away so a good start to my travels!

 (sorry if this font and post looks a bit weird this computer is being a bit gay and I’m running out of time so will change later!)x


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