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Sunken Temples & Elephants

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Wednesday was a busy but amazing day. After breakfast we took a long tail boat to see some sunken temples in the lake. The lake was created about 20 years ago from a construction of a dam so the villages and temple was rebuilt on higher land.

Sunken Temple

We then carried on and were picked up by a Songtaew (local bus – basically a van with benches in the back) and taken to the local elephant camp for some elephant trecking.

Elephant Trecking

In the afternoon we went to Three Pagodas Pass which to be honest was slightly baffling as I had no idea what a pagoda was and thought it was unlikely to be a group of famous pergulas.

Once we got there no one was none the wiser and slightly confused but we later found out these are th famous Pagodas:

Three Pagpdas Pass

We then visited Wat Wangvivegaram a temple the is home to the bones of Budda’s little finger. Which to be honest was small then I thought it would be and slightly messy considering it was home to such an important part of the Buddist religion.

Wat Wangvivegaram

The day ended walking across the Longest Wooden Bridge in Thailand as the sun was beginning to set over the lake so it was gorgeous.

Longest Wooden Bridge in Thailand

In the evening we went to a local orfanage called Baan Unrak who gave us a dance yoga and hiphop performance. They were amazing – some of the things they did were un believeable and they were so cute.

As we walked round the kept running up and holding our hands and when watchching the show, sitting on the floor with us/ on top of us. I let them use my camera as they love photos but they probably took about a 100.

Baan Unrak

Baan Unrak


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