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The Tour Begins

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Monday saw the beginning of an 8 day tour up to north Thailand. We weren’t due to all meet up till the evening so checked into this nice hotel (air con and everything!) and spend the day shopping and swimming in their pool.

Come the evening when I initially met half the group I started to really have doubts about what I was doing here as everyone there was coupled up and seemed quite quiet as was dreading that I would be weird.

This quickly changed as the rest of the group arrived and we all went out for a bonding dinner and a few drinks.

Travel Group

We also met a Canadian and English who joined us and while the couples (all really nice) went back early we carried on till the early hours. As you can see looking slightly worse for wear!

Night in Bangkok

The two guys on the left were the English and Canadian guys we picked up. The two girls are Aussie and the other guy is from the US who are both in our group.

Most of the group is from Austrila apart from me the American guy and a couple from Switzerland, so I think I am slowly turning Aussie as the days go on!


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