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The Tour Really Starts

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Tuesday the tour actually begun as drinking all night doesn’t really count although everyone was feeling a bit fragile the morning after. We all met 8 in the morning to get a bus to Kanchanaburi which was about a two hour trip.

After some quick noodle action for lunch we got on a local bus to Sangkhlaburi which was about a four hour trip. Although the distance its self wasn’t that far the journey was into the mountains which was why it took so long.

Like most drivers in Thailand they all drive like mentalists and there were points where even the Thai people were looking worried as the driver took some big corners too fast and the bus was almost went over. Just we were all about to be sick we arrived at our destination.

We’re staying in this gorgeous place called P.Guest House (it was shorted to P ages ago as the name was so long and now most people can’t remember what it stands for).

P Guest HouseP Guest House is situated on this sloping hill which looks out over a massive lake. After spending most the day travelling we spent the rest of the afternoon messing about on a bamboo raft and swimming in the lake.

P Guest House Lake

Bamboo raft

Thai boat on Lake

The evening was spent trying a local speciality – Burma Curry which apparently apart from in Burma you can get only in two other places in Thailand as well as more bonding over drinks.


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We live in Kanchanaburi so its good to see such positive coverage & photos. Thanks

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