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Waterfalls, Miss Universe and Feet eating Fish

Posted on: March 11, 2009

The previous night we went to a night market before having a few drinks in Sangkalaburi. The town is the most touristy place we’ve been to as it is only 2.5hrs away from Bangkok, although the only tourists we saw were very white geeky looking people and old western men that were by themselves trying to pick up Thai girls.

The last bar we ended up in before making our way back was a reggae bar called Land Pole, that had a local  band doing hysterically bad covers of songs such as ‘Born to be Wild’.

What also made this bar slightly more mental was that the waitress was quite taken with me and kept telling me I looked like Miss Universe (I think she had been having too many of her own cocktails) – I love Thai people! I find that because at the moment I’m so white, with blond hair and blue eyes that Thai people love me and so as well as being told I look like Miss Universe I’ve been asked if I’m a movie star and told that all the men in Thailand are jealous of my ‘boyfriend’ amongst other things -going back to reality is going to be such a disappointment!

The next morning we went to the Erawan waterfalls in the national park which were gorgeous. The waterfall is made up of seven tiers, so basically broken out into seven waterfalls.


Erawan waterfall

After a lot of trekking and determination we managed to make it all the way up to the seventh tier – randomly half way up the mountain I bumped into a girl I met on my first night in Bangkok. Once at the top we had a swim in the pool which was slightly cold but as it was so hot – amazing.

thailand waterfalls

Once we were swimming around however we started to notice things brushing passed out feet and then started to it our feet. In my mind they were some sort of man eating crabs and although it didnt hurt they felt like little claws nibbling on you.

It was only fish however but it got to a stage that when ever you put you’re feet down they would just all swim to your feet for a munch. Very weird feeling and after a while it was getting a bit freaky to we left to make our way back down the mountain, which was a lot easier than going up it.

That evening we staying in a traditional Thai House made entirely from Teak which was gorgeous although we out sounding weird very woody, and the family there made us some of the best food we’re tasted.

Thai House

Thai teak house


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