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Ko Samet

Posted on: March 14, 2009

As I had a couple of days spare before I had to be in Cambodia for my next tour I decided to head down to Ko Samet (an island of the Eastern coast of Thailand) for a few days fora bit of sun to chill for a bit.

I should have know better as saying you’re going to have a few quite days is like saying your only going for one. Especially as I haven’t managed to have an earlyish night since arriving here.

So I’m going blame it all on Dustin! (below) I met Dustin on the bus/boat to Ko Samet and as we were both staying a couple of days we decided to share a room to save some money.


Ko Samet is gorgeous and a popular holiday destination with the Thai people who want to get out of Bangkok for a weekend so is not too touristy.

Our days were spent lazing on the beach and the nights having amazing BBQ’s (also on the beach) followingby plenty of buckets and dancing.

Ko Samet Beach(just think about the same time you guys were going to work I was on this beach!)

Every night by the BBQ there would be amazing fire show. I’ve seen fire dancers before on other islands in Thailand but these guys were pretty amazing.

(video to come but YouTube taking years to upload any thing as always)

Later on at another bar down the beach they would all meet up and practice and mess about but here there moves and skills were even better. They let us have a go (obviously without fire) and it s seriously hard to get the co-ordination right – making me have even more respect for what they do.


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