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Last Day of the Tour

Posted on: March 14, 2009

After a morning going round a local market (pretty mental as people kept waving frogs at us and fish were escaping and trying to make a quick get away under the stalls) we went back to Bangkok where our tour ended.

I’m so glad I went on this tour as the things I have seen and the people I have met make me so excited about the rest of my travels as only a week in and I’m having the best time.

That night we had one finally dinner before having one last night out on the town together. As you would expect it got messy…

nick and chris

Leah, me and Chris.

last night in bangkok

Belinda, Lucas, Chris and Nick.

tour group

Leah hammered…

Thai Group

The tour we went on was run by Intrepid and was pretty amazing as they ave such a good approach to every aspect of your tour. The whole tour looks at using local people and services so you can support the local people while actually experiencing Thailand properly instead of being just a person getting on and off a tour bus.

Our leader Boom was also really good as she came from the area and as well as being hilarious knew so much about where we were travelling. I have another tour with them round Cambodia in a couple of days time and so hope it is just as good – but would highly recommend Intrepid to anyone.


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