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Phnom Penh & a New Group

Posted on: March 17, 2009

Saturday saw the start of the other tour I organised before I left which is 15 days round Cambodia.

On meeting my group they all seem really nice although there’s not the same bond we had in the last group I was with, but as Cambodia seems to be a lot calmer it probably works out well to have two weeks that are less mental.

Phnom Penh itself is a bit like Bangkok but quieter, although it also seems tidier and more organised but this varies depending on which parts of the city you visit.

We spent the day seeing the Grand Palace, the National Museum with some lunch by the river.

Grand Palace

One thing that seems to be missing however is the lack of a central point in the city. Things can get a bit confusing ‘when you first arrive and its not as easy to meet other people travelling around, but I think this is because tourism is relatively new to Cambodia especially if you compare it to Thailand and from what I heard of Vietnam.

Despite this the people are so amzingly friendly and helpful its hard to be confused for long.


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