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Angkor Wat

Posted on: March 22, 2009

We were now in Siem Reap for a couple of days which is where everyone comes to see Angkor Wat – the 8th wonder of the world.

The temples at Angkor are spread out over a 40 mile area round Siem Reap but as we only had a couple of days our time was spent at the most well known temples.

Angkor Wat

Monks at Angkor

We also had to get up at 4.30 on one of the days to see Angkor at sunrise, which was nice but not as amazing as we’d hoped. (to see it at its best when it comes up behind Angkor you need to be there around May 23rd)

Sunrise at Angkor

My favourite temple however was Ta Prohm which is where Tomb Raider was filmed.

Ta Prohm

The morning we went in poured down with rain (see rains here too!) but it was actually amazing as it had been so hot the day before, although the brollies kind of ruin the explorer sort of look and made us look more like Tomb Raider the musical than Lara Croft esq.

Ta Prohm in the rain

Ta Prohm picture

The early start, previous days heat and mental Japanese tourists meant that most the time we were in hysterics which is why we look slightly delirious in the rest of the photos and I’m not putting them up!

What was great about our tour is that our leader Nak (a wana be bad boy from Siem Reap):


Knew so much about what we were seeing and showed us things that we we would normally not have noticed and his way of telling us was hilarious.

For example of this carving his words were; ”you see this women she not look after her turtle and so it bites the mans arse. He turn round to her and say baby look after the turtle or do you want me to slap you about”

Angkor Carving


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