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Kompang Cham, Cycling and Bugs

Posted on: March 25, 2009

Friday was quite a midly traumatic day by recent standards.

We left Siem Reap early in the morning to travel south to Kampong Cham (apparently the 3rd largest city – although after seeing Battambang (the 2nd largest) we werent expecting much).

The first incident of the day was at one of the breaks in the bus journey. As I was getting off the bus Nicola suddenly looked horrified and pointed at me shouted ‘ urgh’, get it of her’ looking down I couldnt see anything but fearing the worst promptly ran off shrieking.

Obviously this wasnt the most useful tactic to getting whatever it was off me, so I had to eventually stop freaking out and let someone get it off me.

It turned out to be a massive cockroach type buy which fortunately because of my boobs I couldn’t see as I dont know what I would have done – thank god for boobs.

Arriving at Kampot Cham we had lunch at a really strange place that served every part of every animal going such as pigs groin and goats intestines. Also to make this point clear the menu was a picture menu – I was nearly sick.

weird menu

In the afternoon we had a bike ride round the nearby island of Koh Paen. This was the part of the tour that I was expecting to dislike the most as I hate bicycles – to the extent that if Satan was to come down to earth I’m sure he’d come riding one.

To my surprise I actually had a really nice time – it was like being 6 again, although I still wouldnt take up cycling when I get back.

me on a bike

One of the reasons I dont like cycling is the fact that you have to always pay attention to what you’re doing and where you’re going. Something I quickly remembered after crashing into a tree and nearly taking out some of the local kids that run out to high five you as you go past.

bike ride in Cambodia

We then watched the sun down down before riding back across this rickety bamboo bridge – where I nearly got taken out a couple of times by mental  drivers such as this guy:

moto on bamboo bridge

bamboo bridge

sunset on koh Paen

The last bug related incident of the day was while we were at dinner when literally out of no where a plague of flying insects and termites arrived and swarmed round the street for about an hour.

I have literally never seen anything like it and they were every where – it was probably similar to what mosses had to deal with back in the day. The next morning the street was white like snow with the bodies of all the insects.

Hopefully I have now had all my bug related issues for the trip, as when I’m by my self its unlikely I will deal with it so well.


2 Responses to "Kompang Cham, Cycling and Bugs"

glad you’re ok, and enjoying yourslef, need to read back catalougue to understand what the ‘by this weeks stadard’ means!!!

same old shit here don’t you worry. It was the Metro party last week which was a massive pissup but thats about all the fun in the world right now 😦

miss you lots!

thanks hun, wish you were here as well – just quit and come out!x

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