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Kampot, Kep and the Sea!

Posted on: March 28, 2009

Traveling down the coast from Kampong Cham involved a long 9 hour bus journey, which wasn’t too bad until the aircon stopped working on the second bus. Although we did get a chance to get our own back on the bugs by trying tarantula in tarantula city on the way. Apparently they are meant to taste like lobster but it was deep fried in garlic and so although I only tried a leg thats all I tasted.

tarantula fried

eating tarantulas

Our guest house wasn’t that great in Kampot as some of the rooms were dirty and there were a lot of bugs, cockroaches etc as well as a necessary team effort to kill the biggest spider ever that came running at me.

The next day was probably one of my favorite days in Cambodia. The start wasnt that much to write home about with a trip to some salt fields that were flooded – so no salt and to a pepper plantation which to be honest was just a lot of plants although Camilla tried to make them more exciting:

Camilla in the Pepper Plantation

Although something I did learn is that some of the pepper corns that go into white pepper are from bird poo. They are just washed and added to the bag – nice. If you have some at home they are the ones that are slightly darker and a little more grey so you might want to pick those ones out.

The best bit of the day was to come. Moving on to Kep we reached the sea which caused everyone to become quite giddy with excitement after spending ten days inland.

Kep beach

After an amazing lunch (probably some of the best food I’ve had in Cambodia) we went to a local beach market and picked up some fresh crabs which were then killed and cooked in front of us. I felt a bit bad as they were really pretty with bright blue claws but I’d rather that than food poisoning.

kampot crabs

cooking crabs on the beach

Also while we were waiting we tried some Durian fruit (think its the same as smelly fruit) – probably the most disgusted thing I have ever put in my mouth, not that it stayed there long but I wouldn’t recommend any one to try it especially as it will cost you an arm and a leg for the privilege.

Durian Fruit

Picking up some cold beers we jumped on board a boat and went up river. The afternoon was spent swimming off the boat and eating the fresh crab with cold beers as the sun set – it was literally like some thing out of a movie or a travel novel, gorgeous.

Kampot boat

boat trip

kampot boat trip

Getting off the boat we hit happy hour for á couple’ and spent the rest of the night drinking cocktails. Once the bar shut we walked back under an incredible starlit sky – it was like being in the planitariun. Although walking home after a few drinks while facing the sky wasnt the safest way to get home in one piece but we made it.

nights in kampot


2 Responses to "Kampot, Kep and the Sea!"

Cor blimey Rodge! You have turned into some kind of explorer-writer-bug-battler extraudinair!! Well done. It is most enjoyable reading about your adventures!

Take care of yourself! lots of besos

Yeah its been amazing so far 1/3 of the way in!! Meeting loads of great people and have a great time but still miss you guys too!xx

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