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Good Morning Vietnam

Posted on: March 30, 2009

Learning my lessons from crossing the Thai – Cambodian border I got a bus that went straight from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh/ Saigon. The trip took about 6 hours and meant that the journey was pretty stress free, although it was touch and go at first as I almost didn’t make the bus as the pick up guy nearly didn’t turn up.

I find that the longer I travel the calmer and easier I find it, which is to be expected I suppose, and so unlike my arrival into Cambodia coming into Vietnam I was full of a calm sort of excitement if that makes sense.

As we drove into Saigon I instantly fell in love with the place, and also noticed that in Vietnam they used a western version of the alphabet (although with more letters) which although I still cant understand does mean that I have a better chance of figuring out where I am most of the time.

I’m really glad that I choose to do my other tour in Cambodia as I think I would have found it a lot harder by my self.  As I definitely wouldn’t have seen or done as much as I did and so may have come away with a fair view of the country. As it stands I absolutely love Cambodia and the amazing people which definitely make it the place it is.

Arriving in Vietnam it makes it more apparently how much poorer Cambodia is compared to its neighbours, although you don’t neccessary notice while you’re there. Although I’ve only being here a couple of hours I already love Saigon and feel at home here, despite being ripped off massively by a cab driver as I got the conversion rate wrong – bound to happen when you just make it up for a vague memory but it’s all good.


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