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Mekong Delta

Posted on: April 2, 2009

Although I had already planned to visit the Mekong Delta so many people I’ve met said it was amazing and the best thing they’d done in Vietnam.

I joined one of the 2 day mini trips as they are normally cheaper and quicker than doing it your self and as I just wanted to go down for a quick trip it was the best way to have a quick look and you also get to meet loads of other people.

We got a bus down to the boat which took us round the Islands where they stopped off at a coconut candy place, rice and banana wine place, and honey place. Although the deta is nice where we were was very touristy as we were just one of the many groups that were being herded around the same sort of route.

mekong delta

We stayed the night in Can Tho which was a really nice town by the river (amazing Pho soup as well). Everyone stays in twin rooms which that everyone was sharing with other people on the trip.

I was unfortunate enough to share with one of the most miserable, sour faced girls I’d ever met. Throughout my trip I’ve been lucky enough to meet really nice people as everyone else traveling about are just easy going and friendly. But seriously this girl was some thing else. Before you say anything it wasnt just me she was like this with everyone on the trip.

In the morning chatting with the girls we agreed it might be best just to drown her given the opportunity, to put her out her misery – silly cow.

The next day we visited the floating markets before heading back to Saigon. The markets are pretty chaotic and I dont think we visited one of the better ones but it was good to see.

floating market

mekong floating markets

That night some of the girls who’d been traveling round India had found a local Indian place and so we went down to try the food which is amazing and the closest I will get to India all trip.


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