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Cu Chi Tunnels

Posted on: April 9, 2009

This post was meant to come before the previous but I just realised it didnt post.

After my marathon sleeping session I felt amazing and back to normal – a bit like after when you’ve had a really long cold and you forget what its like to just feel normal again.

That morning I went on a half day trip to the Cu Chi tunnels built by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War. Arriving at the tunnels you watch a 10 minute documentary made by the Vietnamese in the 60’s which to be honest is slightly bizarre. I think it must have been made as some sort of propaganda video as it was all about how great the Cu Chi people are and all these people that won ‘American Killer medals’.

Walking round it was pretty touristy but you got to see reconstructions of all the boobie traps and weapons they made to stop the Americans – which were pretty nasty.

booby traps

The tunnels themselves were pretty small and so you have a lot of respect for the guys who spent so much time down there. This is one of the original entry holes – apparently  a fat american women got stuck in one a year ago and they had to dig her out.

Cu Chi tunnels

The actual tunnels are made up of three levels the first where you have to crouch down, the second where you have to crawl and the third where you have to wriggle on your stomach. We were only allowed to go down to the first level which to be fair is enough and I dont think I wouldn’t want to go any smaller.

Cu Chi

down Cu Chi tunnels

Once down in the tunnels its really dark and hot and you get quite disoriented about how long you’ve been down there and how far you travel – we’d only been down there a couple of minutes but it felt like ages.

The trip was only a half day so back in Saigon we went for probably the best Pho so far (even Bill Clinton had eaten there) with some of the girls I’d met on the trip. Since being in Vietnam I have started to meet a lot more people form the UK as pretty much everyone I met previously have been Australian.

The only minor disaster of the day was when I sliced off the bottom of one of my toes after a few drinks. The guy back at the hostel was pretty horrified at the amount of blood coming of of my foot and offered to help me fix it up but as I’d been carrying this bulky first aid kit about I was determine to use it.But its all good still got 10 toes and it hasnt gone green!


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