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Mui Ne – Go for a Day, Stay Forever

Posted on: April 9, 2009

Originally after Saigon I had planned to go to Da Lat but I was starting to crave a bit of beach action so I decided to head to Mui Ne that a couple of girls I’d met had recommended and said was amazing.

What had also swayed me in to going to Mui Ne was that I’d read that there were lots of hot kite surfers there – admittedly they weren’t described as hot but when are they not?!

So far I’m quite glad of how how my trip has worked out as I’ve done the cultural bit and some tours at the beginning when I’m still getting used to things and now I can just chill out and have fun.

Heading up to Mui Ne I planned to stay for 1 or2 days to chill by the beach before hitting Nha Trang which is pretty mental. I should have learnt from the last time that I planned to chill in Ko Samet that this was unlikely to happen….

I planned to stay for 2 days and so far I’ve been here 8 days – I love this place!

Mui Ne

Mui Ne beach

On arriving I decided to have a casual investigation about trying kite surfing and giving it a go for a couple of hours and met a group of amazing people who I love. All of which planned to stay for a couple of days and have been here weeks/months/years – it happens to every one.

Sitting here 8 days later its amazing to think of all the good times we’ve been having such as the goat bbq, poker night, lots of happy hours, magic Jeff, Friday night will be A Night With The Dragon (vodka party) AND I’ve been learning to kite surf!

I’m not that good at it (yet!) and have swallowed enough sea water to counteract the affects of global warming for the next few years, as well as smacking myself round the head with the board but I’m determined and am not going to give up yet!

What also makes Mui Ne so great is that because it’s not that big everyone knows each other and so it’s a bit like uni where you’re always bumping into people you know and meeting everybody, so nights out in Wax are just one big party.

goat BBQ

Jorgan & Song

Dave & Jorgan

Nikki's vodka

I’m going to be gutted to leave and so I’m going to get back to it and will update in a couple of days when/if I leave.


2 Responses to "Mui Ne – Go for a Day, Stay Forever"

Hey Sarah,

I was Mui Ne around this time last year and I got toatlly addicted to the kite surfing (minus the absolute pain of your upper body!) Not sure if you heading to OZ after Asia but if you do St Kilda in Melburne has some fab kite surfing. It doesn’t however have the Bia Hoi!!

I know I love it – we’ve all got plans to come back next year and work so we can stay for longer! Think it could definitely be my favourite place in Vietnam – just need to practice my Kite surfing although it wont be the same back in the UK! Unfortunately flight back to UK is in 6 weeks so not going to have time for OZ this time but going to Bali and apparently theres some wind there!

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