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Breaking Up & Moving On

Posted on: April 14, 2009

It was emotional but inevitable that we’d all have to split up and leave Mui Ne. After two amazing weeks we finally left and went our separate ways.

I’m traveling up north with Nikki and Chris, Jorma and Dave have gone to Thailand, Bas to Bali and a load of other people to either Bali or back home.

I’ve worked out that today is actually the mid point of my trip and although I think it will be hard to beat the last two weeks I think I’m going to find it impossible to leave – if it wasn’t for money and my flat I wouldn’t go back!

Leaving Mui Ne we headed up into the mountains to Da Lat – probably in the smallest most crammed mini bus I’ve ever been on, think there was nearly 30 people in there. Although it was bad it was quite funny, I’m just glad I had people with me to laugh about it.

Arriving in Da Lat it was like being in back in the UK – 17 degrees! Outrageous!! Its nice though being in the mountains for a change of scenery as it make you appreciate the beach. (My cameras broken so I dont have many pictures of Da LAt or Mui Ne and so are having to get these off Google images so you can get an idea of where I am).

Da Lat Mountains

The next day we went on a motor bike tour round the mountains and to visit the waterfalls which were probably the best I’ve seen. We got to go behind the waterfall as well which was amazing – just like the scene in Last of the Mohicans.

Da Lat Waterfall

On our way back it did actually rain – don’t thing we’ve ever been so cold or wet in our lifes – even with the sexy 20p all in one plastic rain outfits. The rain was really sharp an had hail stones as well so by the time we got back my lips had actually turned blue.

Although Da Lat is nice we felt like we’d done our time and so tomorrow we’re heading back to the beach and hitting Nha Trang for some sun and hot weather!


2 Responses to "Breaking Up & Moving On"

Hi Sarah! You seem to have a very good time in Vietnam, which pleases me since I love Vietnam myself! I also read all your posts about Cambodia and they cover really well what I experienced too. A nice trip with nice people we had there. Keep having a wonderful voyage! Susanne (your Cambodia-roommate)

I know Vietnam is an amazing country, I’m already planning a trip back for a reunion. I hope you’re having a good time back in Denmark and planning your next adventure!x

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