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Nha Trang

Posted on: April 19, 2009

The journey from Da Lat to Nha Trang was through the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. The road went through the mountains with sheer drops either side as the road was literally stuck on to the mountain with waterfalls coming out on the other side. Its almost worth going to Da Lat just to leave.

Nha Trang its self is actually really nice with a gorgeous beach, which when we were there was practically empty. Nha Trang is always described as the party town of Vietnam so you’d expect it to be quite mental and a bit like one of the Greek or Spanish islands.

Its not really like that, as like most of Asia it has a more laid back vibe to it, which probably makes it easier to go out and get on it as you just fall into the flow of the place.

Nha Trang also has a bit of a reputation for the amount of crime that takes place there, mostly affecting tourists. You hear quite a few stories as you travel round for example Dustin who I met on Ko Samet managed to get beaten up and mugged twice in the space of a week. Although I’ve also met quite a few people who’ve havent experienced any trouble.

Going out we kept an eye out but werent really too worried, especially as there were a few of us, and had a great night out. We spent most the time in Guava bar which is a really nice little place on the main road. What made it even better was that spirits and cocktails were only 70p each! We stayed there most the night before heading down to the Sailing club, you have to pay to get in but you get a free bucket (well more of a large jar).

nha trang

sailing club nha trang

The next day I met a couple of guys in our hotel who hadnt been so lucky. They had ended up in the Sailing club like everyone else and had had their drinks spiked which this drug that paralysed them for about four hours.

One of the guys hadnt been feeling great so his mates took him outside but by the time he realised what was happening he was unable to move or speak to get them to find their other mate. They later found him on the beach unconscious with all his stuff gone.

While we felt pretty bad for the guys we realised it could have quite easily have been us, as by the time we got to the Sailing Club we were pretty hammered and were leaving our drinks and bags all over the place, so were definitely going to be more careful.

Ironically because my camera had finally packed in and died a couple of weeks ago I had just gone out and got a new one from one of the local shops as that was the only place where you seemed to be able to get one.

I got a great deal on a ‘second hand’ Sony Cybershot which I can just about figure out how to use, but couldnt help feel slightly suspicious/ guilty that this ‘second hand’ camera may have been taken from an unfortunate tourist a few nights before.


2 Responses to "Nha Trang"

look after youself my love! You’re scaring me a tad! Anyway you’re looking grest and sound like you’re having an absoloutly amazing time!!!!! Loye ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dont worry hun I’m fine and traveling with some realy nice people so we’re all looking out for each other. Hope you’re good, will def come out and see you when I’m back.xx

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