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The Island of Fun and A Seriously Random Boat Trip

Posted on: April 21, 2009

Just off Nha Trang is an Island called Vinpearl which is reached by a cable car that goes across the sea. The Island has a waterpark, rides, a sealife centre, 4D cinema all rolled into one and included in the price (about 12 pounds).


Considering we’re in Vietnam the park is pretty impressive although surprisingly quiet, but this did mean that there were no queues or annoying kids.

We went on pretty much most of the rides and slide while we were there although many were only open at certain times which was quite random, but spent most of our time in the wave pool as the lazy river was being repaired – Nik and Chris were devastated.

The only thing that didnt occur to me before we left was to wear a secure bikini so there was a lot of boob flashing going on.

The rest of the afternoon we went to the sea life centre which had some gorgeous fish and a massive amusement arcade where everything was free so we got to try them all. Which was pretty good as I was rubbish at pretty much every thing.

underwater world

The next day we went on a boat trip round some of the islands off Nha Trang. Where most people seemed to get on boat trips full off other tourists (mostly westerners) we managed to get on a trip where we were the only westerners, wit a crazy crew that loved Karaoke and where every hour was beer o’clock.

One of the boat crew called Lon the worst I think he was permanently drunk and got us downing beer at 8.30 in the morning and if you didnt he would could up behind you and force it down you by holding your head back which was worse for poor Nik as she doesnt even like beer.


Nik forced to drink Strawberry whiskey

We spent the day swimming off the boat and snorkeling and visiting different islands round Nha Trang with an amazing lunch on the boat.

Nha Trang boat trip

boat trip in Nha Trang

The afternoon then started to turn a bit random, after lunch the crew formed a bit of a band with some bucket drum kit, Lon on electric guitar, and the leader for some reason wearing a motorcycle helmet and sunglasses with only one eye and made everyone get up and sing a song before they would leave.

If you didnt go along with it you got dragged up anyway. Luckily for us we were made to get up together to sing the finest rendition of yellow submarine – truly awful. After that we were allowed to go back up and sunbathe as we moved to the next island where the weirdness was stepped up a level.

While swimming about in the sea chatting these two old Vietnamese men started chatting to us and practicing their English and invited us to come over and join them on shore for a drink.

We said that we might come over ‘later’ until we realised they were just standing on the shore waiting for us, which kind of made the decision for us. Once on shore we realised that it wasnt just them it was all their mates who had been drinking all afternoon and were battered. There was empty bottles of whiskey and beer every where.

It was all a bit weird but dealable until they realised Niki was with Chris and I was the single one when they all started wanting ‘hugs’ and photos and kept trying to kiss me. Obviously we made a quick exit boat to the saftey of the boat after that.

The rest of the boat trip was thankfully quite normal as I was slightly traumatised by the random Vietnamese lot on the last Island.


2 Responses to "The Island of Fun and A Seriously Random Boat Trip"

Hey my love, trip still sounds as wicked as ever, fair enough some hiccups but if you were anywhere in the world that’s bound to happen. Sun is out in london for once, so parkage and pubage are essential lunchtime past times. I go to turkey on Sat so will be a few thousand miles closer to you!!! Still too far for a sneaky one though, we’re all still v jealous sat here at our stupid desks!!

One more thing i’m pretty confident you already know but check before you fly to Thailand, there has been some madness but I think it has quietened down.

Lots of love and massive hugs xx x

Hey hun,

The only thing bearable about coming back is park and pub time back in London – if its not sunny going to leave! Have an amazing time in Turkey – know you will, just dont get more of a tan than me!

Just got into Thailand but its calmed down a bit now so should be fine. Heading to the Islands for some diving tonight so will be off the mainland.


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