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Hoi An

Posted on: April 26, 2009

After Nha Trang we continued northwards to Hoi An – the tailoring capital of the world. To get there we took the night train which arrived in Da nang at 4.30am, and so because of the ridiculous time and there were no buses we took a taxi down to Hoi An which was about 20km away.

Although the sleeper trains are a bit more expensive than the sleeper buses they are actually quite comfortable and so you actually have some chance of getting some sleep. They only thing is that you have to make sure you wake up when it’s your stop or you’ll end up some where in north Vietnam or miles away from where you were heading to.

Hoi An itself is beautiful – especially at night with all the lights by the river. Unlike other towns we’ve visited Hoi An is made up of old style French Buildings and is very chilled and laid back, giving it a completely different vibe to other places we’ve visited.

Hoi An

Lanterns in Hoi An

There’s not really much to do actually in Hoi An apart from shopping as the town is mostly made up of tailoring shops where you can get any thing you could want made, with generally the more you pay the better the quality.

We all got a couple of bits made – me and Nikki a couple of dresses and skirts, and Chris some shorts which generally weren’t more than $10 each and came out beautifully.  This does mean however that I have to stop getting any fatter if I still want them to fit by the time I come back home.

Nikki's new shoes

In terms of going out at night there are quite a few restaurants but only a couple of bars with most people generally ending up at the same bar which name escapes me. Randomly in this bar I bumped into Jen who I’d met a couple of weeks ago on the Mekong Delta trip, but separately she also knew Chris and Nikki who she’d met while in Mui Ne before I was there (small world!) so we had a bit of a reunion.

Bumping into Jen

We only stayed for a couple of days in Hoi An as we would have just ended up buying too much stuff. Moving up to Hanoi we ended up getting a flight as it was the same price as the train and only took and hour compared to 17 hours on the train – I love that sort of bargin!


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