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A Bit of Divng Action in Koh Tao

Posted on: May 9, 2009

After the crazyness of Hanoi Bangkok felt realtivly quite and peaceful which was pretty werid. As my visa was running out as I didnt fancy a 26 hr bus journey to Laos I jumped on a plane (which I nearly missed because I’m an idiot) down to Bangkok.

After my trip to Thailand two or so years ago I’d always wanted to go back to Koh Tao and learn to dive so the next morning booked my ticket out of there on the night bus to catch the first ferry across to the islands – incidently left at 7.30am where our bus got to the port at 4.20am – it was a long night.

Koh Tao was as beautiful and laid back as I remembered and gong on recommendations of people I’d met previously and some guys on the boat I headed down to Crystal dive school to book up my open water. Despite my lack of sleep the course started that day with 6 hours in the classroom, where I was startng to have doubts.

I never realised how much there is to learn – its like being back at uni, we’ve got textbooks, charts, tests, exams….. after a few months of traveling my brains not used to having to think like this so it was a bit of a shock to the system. Although I say all this is is actually interesting to learn all the theory stuff albeit quite hard to take it all in.

The open water course i was doing included accomodation  and I managed to some how get the nicest, cleanest bungalow right on the beach:

Koh Tao beach hut

Koh Tao sunset

First time in the pool I was a bit freraked out with all the diving gear and so much to remember but once we started going out in the sea it was amazing, although I didnt get the same sort of buzz I got from kite surfing. It was amazingswmming around the coral reefs and seeing all these amazing fish, even though some of them kept trying to bit me and get in my mouth – apparently they were being helpful.

One of my favourite parts was swimming underneath this massive school of about 4000 fish which when you looked up you couldnt see the surface.  The people I learnt to dive with were a really nice group although one of them who happened to also be my ‘buddy’ was quite annoying like young boys can be – nearly drowned him but it was all good.


Diving groupOur open water course took 4 days in total whch went so quickly, but we all passed with flying colours and no one died, got lost, or was ‘accidently’ drowned for irritating me so we had a great time.

One thing I had started to notice however is that where in other countries that I’ve travelled there’s been a mix of people and ages Thailand seems to have a larger number of very young groups of 18 years olds – most of which I met were really nice but slightly too excitable and well young so I dont know how long I will stay on the islands.


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