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Paradise on Gili T

Posted on: May 22, 2009

I’ve been a bit slack with updating my blog these last few weeks as the internet connection, well the electricity in general isn’t great on Gili T as one of the transformers is broken.

The day after we all arrived in Bali we stopped over for the night in Padangbai as the boat we were meant to get to Gili was broken and so passed the time on the beach and with a bit of poker. Leaving the next day we had to take the ferry to Lombok, then a bus and another boat before we arrived on Gili T that the evening where the rest of the guys from Mui Ne had been staying for the past week.

The Gili Isles are probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited and are literally paradise with gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters, amazing people, and to top it ff no motor bikes or care as the only way to get around the island is by bike or horse and cart.

The day after we arrived was Carolina’s birthday and the boys had arranged a snorkling trip on a glass bottom boat which was amazing despite feeling a bit worse for wear from the night before.

Gili boat trip

Beer Snorkle

Jorma and the girls had to leave the next day which left just the six of us for the remaining week or so. That day we moved into these amazing little two story houses with open air showers and were only $7 a night but most importantly had a generator as the power normally goes off mid afternoon till midnight every day.

Our days were spent snorkeling which involved walking up one end of the beach and letting the ridiculously strong current take you down to the other end like an underwater escalator. As the coral reefs were quite shallow we saw all the fish up close that I had seen while diving in Koh Tao, but the best part was when we saw and swam up close with a turtle and watched it swim round us while going up and down for air.

The rest of our time was spent working on our tan’s, watching the amazing sunsets with a couple of beers on the beach, obviously more poker, killer frisbee, and many turbo vodka shots among other things – all while you were all at work!

Good times on Gili T

Sunset on Gili

Tan marks


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