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Posted on: May 24, 2009

After nearly two weeks on Gili T we returned back to Bali as it was finally about to become the end of our Mui Ne crew.  Carolina, Rowland and Dave were all heading home and Chri and Nik were off to NZ leaving me on my lonesome for the last two and a half weeks of my trip.

Our last few nights together were spent in Kuta which is a crazy place made up of loads of intertwined lanes with loads of shops on a gorgeous beach with loads of surfers.

Once the others had left I decided to see some more of Bali before heading across to Java as I started moving backs towards Bangkok where my flight back to London was from.

I first headed north to Ubud which I had been told from the others was lovely. On the bus there I met an Austrian girl who I ended up sharing a room with once we got to Ubud. It was quickly lucky that there was some one to take control as I was feeling terrible the whole bus journey and was in no state to be making decisions, but she found us an amazing little bungalows set in these pretty gardens with a pool – stunning.

I did initially have a slight worry about her intentions as she’d got us a room with a double bed and was very forward but it was ok and there was no complicated lesbian issues to deal with. Theres not much to do in Ubud itself but where we were staying down the lower end of monkey forest road it was the perfect place to get some R & R and was completely chilled.

One of the things that is in Ubud in the Monkey Forest Sanctuary which unsurprinsingly enough is a forest full of monkeys and they were gorgeous if a little intimidating, but the babies were so cute.

Monkey Forest

The next day I headed further north to the beach to a little place called Lovina which was meant to be one of the nicest beaches on the north of Bali, although the southern beaches are what Bali is most famous for as they are picture perfect.

Arriving in Lovina I quickly found that it wasn’t what I’d expected as the village is sparsely spread out along the main road with a small market area with a few restaurants as the kind of central area and thats it. The beach is a mixture of black and white sand as this area of the island is more volcanic which makes the water look almost black instead of blue.

As I was starting to run out of time on the last bit of my travels and Lovina was quite dead and lacking much atmosphere I booked a shuttle bus for the next morning for a mammoth trip to Java.

Although Lovina was pretty quiet the people were amazingly friendly and I managed to book in an early morning boat trip to see the dolphins that come around the beach at sunrise. It meant getting up at 5am but it was so worth it. The dolphins came up so close and there were so many of them. Even if we hadn’t seen any dolphins the sun rise its self was gorgeous – a perfect way to start the day!

Dolphins in Lovina

sunrise in Lovina


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