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The Java Expedition

Posted on: June 8, 2009

Leaving that night on the ‘sleeper bus’ for the 10 hour journey to Yogjakarta I was ready to see some more of Java which after Mt Bromo I had high expectations.

I’ve quickly realised that the only place you seem to be able to get sleeper buses with beds is in Vietnam as this so called sleeper bus was actually a mini van with no aircon and packed with locals as it had been a public holiday that day.

Needless to say there was not much sleeping going on, especially as I kept having to push the weird man next to me away as he kept sleeping on me – still makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

Arriving at 4am I had to hang around outside the Circle K (24hr shop – same as Severn Eleven’s if if you’ve ever been to Thailand) till 6am till I could check into to some where without having to pay for the previous night as it was now around 4.30am so pretty pointless and a waste of money I am quickly running out of.

Knowing I was going to be in a big city for a couple of days I tactically decided to pay a bit extra to get a place with a pool – saying that I was still only paying 6 pounds a night).

After successfully getting a room I spent the day looking round, shopping and organising a trip the next day to Prambanan and Borobudur which I had been told to go to again by Baz, I spent the rest of the day chilling by the pool.

I wasnt really sure what to expect from either Prambanan and Borobudur or really what they were, so was slightly undecided when I found out that they were temples. Generally when it comes to temples I dont mind visiting the odd one but at this stage of my trip I had seen so many that I could quit happily go through the rest of my life not seeing another.

My camera media card is having issues so I’ve borrowed these pictures from Google Images)




I feel bad for saying it as I’m sure they are really nice temples but I wasnt overly impressed and could have quite easily have gone without seeing them. I think this was especially the case as after seeing Angkor Wat its very hard for any other temple to match up.

The other thing about these temples is that they are a haven for locals and school children who want to practise their English with foreigners and have their photos taken with the westerners. Its quite hard to describe how many of them there are as its pretty overwhelming and you are constantly being jumped on by group after group of them. After a while it becomes too much and you have to go into hiding.

What did make my day however was by accidently getting lost from everyone and so generally wandering about for about half an hour trying to find my way out, was that I found some elephants that this guy let me feed and stroke – so amazing! (when my cameras back working I’ll put up the pics).


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