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The Last Week!

Posted on: June 10, 2009

After Yogjarkarta I decided to head down to what is meant ot be one of Java’s best beach spots to try a bit of surfing. Pangandaran is about another 10 hours away from Yojarkarta (everything seems to be a 10hr journey here) but found out from my local friend that it would be quicker and cheaper to get there by train and local bus then getting one of the shuttle buses – so off I went.

Surprisingly I made it the whole way there without a hitch – now becoming an expert of the local Indonesian transport system. Ok only really because the locals are so amazingly helpful and friendly that this was the case but still I’m taking some credit!

Pangandaran is quite a random little place. I think it used to be quite busy with a better infrastructure than it does now but over recent years has been hit by a couple of Tsunamis which has meant the place has become a bit run down.

The main attraction is the long wind swept beach, which although wasn’t made of white tropical sand, it was still pretty impressive. What amazed me however were the waves, I’ve never seen waves like it. They were 2-3 metres high but not only that broke with such force and power I quickly knew that I would not be learning to surf here.


Despite one of my new found mates continually trying to get me in the water to try surfing I was having none of it (rubbish I know, but learning to kite surf was traumatic enough for one trip). With onlya week left I had two choices. One: to continue to work my way across Indonesia and up Sumatra to Bangkok for my flight back home or two: go straight to Thailand and spend my last few days chilling on a beach before I returned.

You’ll be probably unsurprised to find out I chose the later, but only because after finding out that Sumatra was the 5th largest Island in the world I realised that my last week would mainly be spent on 36 hour bus jounreys trying to get across the country in time for my flight back home.

So leaving Pangandaran I went to Bandung for a night (horrible city – dont go) before flying to KL the next morning and then onto the sleeper train up to Thailand that night. This also meant that I am maintaining my record of managing to get in and out of KL in less than 12 hours.

So with my final days quickly disappearing I spent my time getting as much tanning as possible, meeting new people, and generally going out.

So that’s it! The last of my blog posts about travelling. Back to the UK to get a job and join the real world…. oh its going to be painful!


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