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So updates on my blog have gone decidedly downhill over recent weeks well who am I kidding since I’ve been back the-endfrom travelling.

Partly because I’ve been working so much but partly because since I’ve been back I’ve found it hard to really not so much care, but just find time to talk about Social Media when I do it all day long.

So I have decided that I need a new theme for my blog – or even a new blog.I don’t want to give up blogging although as I do enjoy it but I just don’t want to become another person blogging about Social Media repeating the same stories as a million other blogs.

So you may not hear from me for a while or I may be letting you know about a new blog I decide to start, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do!

Speak soon.x


In a completely un-internet like style I am going to give a quick overview of the news stories that I was meant to blog about like week but had no time to.

So instead of reporting the news in real time and looking to the future for which the interent is credited for I’m going to do the completed opposite and write todays post on what has already happened! (just in case you are like me and were too busy to take it in last week)

So here goes:

Belkin ‘Astroturfing’ Scandal – Belkin got caught paying a reportedly $65 for people to reportedly write good reviews on Amazon about its products. Their response has been ‘We’re sorry, we didn’t know it was going on’ and they are investigating.

The Pope Gets his own You Tube Channel
– Last week saw the Pope launch The Vatican Channel and become one of the oldest people in the world to have his own You Tube Channel, and slightly ironically spreading caution about spending too much time in social media sites which can isolate you from real life.

The vatican channel

Social Search Engines – Following on from my Twingley post last week and an article I read on The Guardian reccomending IceRocket as their prefered choice of blog search engine. I saw this nice little list on the Online Marketing Blog for Social Search Engines.

Thailand Immigration Tactics – Slightly shocking news and not at all thailand immigrationrelated to online or social media but as I’m heading out that way in a couple of weeks thought I’d add.

Its been reported that authorities have been towing migrants from Rohingya ( Myanmar) out to sea before abandoning them in the middle of the ocean.

Oh and on a personal note I’ve got my Twestival ticket for next month – very excited, and off to the London Bloggers Meetup tonight so if any one reading this is going see you there!

This story popped up yesterday on my Reuters ticker which I didn’t really pay much attention to until I unintentionally clicked on it today and so thought I’d have a look. What I really like about this story is that the PM of Kazakhstan seemed genuinely enthusiastic about communicating with the people and understanding what really matters to them.

Kazakhstan blogThe PM Karim Masimov started his own last week and has already started to respond and look into comments made by readers about the quality of the water in some of the villages. Although many politician around the world have their own blogs, twitter accounts and the like this story just warmed me due to its genuine feel – lets hope it continues.

Random Fact that I also discovered – Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world! Now didn’t that make this post worth reading!

Happy 2009 all! I feel terrible for being so slack with my posting over the festive period but it happened to co-inside with my laptop having a few issues and dying on me so I have been without access, ( I know I could 2009have gone down to the internet cafe but it was Christmas!).

As I’ve been getting to grips with the first day back in the office I thought I would share a couple of great post on other people’s blogs that have been brought to my attention. This is also for inspiration as a little blogging New Years resolution I have is to blog better and bring more insight to my little blogosphere.

I hope you find them as interesting as I did!

Basic Things To Put In An Online PR  Social Media Report – Roger Warner

The Brand You is Dead, Long Live the Brand You Build – Rick Liebling

6 Social Search Engines to Start 2009 – Lee Odden

25 Signs you’ve got a strong SM Consultant or Agency – Beth Harte

While I was out of the office Friday an interesting story broke about the Belgium Minister of Defence and a New York danger-bloggerbarmaid. You can find the full story on Tech Crunch, but the basics of the story is that the Minister of Defence was due to have a  meeting in New York, but although it was cancelled decided to go with his team anyway funded by the Tax payers money.

A few drinks later in a Belgium bar in New York he was relaying this to the barmaid who herself was from Belgium and in disgust blogged about it the next day. The Minister was notified of her blog and phoned up the manager of the bar and the barmaid was fired. Now this information was in the public domain the Minister made a public statement about how this demonstrated how dangerous blogging is.

The response among different blogs has been varied with people divided on whether the waitress was right to blog about about what she was told, whether it matters that she was working at the time, and whether or not she should have been fired.

The way I see it is that it is like a new form of paparazzi, but instead of stories being focused on famous people it can now affect any body. The blogosphere has allowed anybody to be a journalist and so in turn has meant anyone can be a target of their conversation.

In regards to the story my opinion is that if the MP was stupid enough to openly talk to strangers and tell them how he was using tax payers money to go on a jolly then he deserves to be caught out. With the barmaid I believe that she had every right to blog about what she was told, although it may have been wiser to keep the facts of the conversation more generic as this may have stopped her from getting fired.

I found an interesting post that was brought to my attention yesterday on the e-consultancy site. About a month ago they wrote a story questioning whether Nokia was running a suspicious SEO linking campaign or if someone was out to sabotage the brand with excessive linking.

The full article is here which outlines the possible scenarios that were considered surrounding this activity, but to summarise it turned out to be their digital agency I Spy.

But the nature of the article wasn’t what caught my attention, it was the first post in the comments mistakessection from one of the directors at I Spy. Within an hour of the post being published, I Spy had responded and owned up to the mistake while making it clear that the activity had been done by themselves and not Nokia. He also mentioned that there were processes beingput in place to avoid this from happening in the future.

I think that this is a great example of not only an agency practising what it preaches but also dealing with the issue immediately and head on. By admitting responsibility and apologising it immediately stopped the speculation which could have been damaging for both I Spy and Nokia but also demonstrated their professionalism and awareness in the online space.

This weekend I have decided to behave myself, mainly due to actually having no money which rules out a lot of options but that after a few too many glasses of vino at lunch yesterday I decided that to try and redeem my conscience by spending the weekend sorting my life out.

I was catching up on some of my reading and found this post on The Bad Pitch Blog which I must have missed when it was first published that nearly made me want to go running back to the world of PPC to spend the rest of my life buried in an excel spreadsheet. The post is about Carol Blymire who runs the ‘French Laundry at Home‘ blog and how she deals with bad blogger outreach by responding to the emails while also cc’ing in the emailers boss and their clients.

Firstly I can completely understand why she must be utterly fed up receiving millions of untargeted emails and pitches, and I know it is nothing new to make examples of people who get blogger outreach wrong but this seemed quite extreme.

I always worry at the best of times when running an outreach campaign for our clients that we might accidentally upset someone – especially if they then feel the need to share it with their readers and friends. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do but even outside of work I hate upsetting people and spend hours afterwards thinking about it and going over the situation again and again.

I don’t believe that any of our campaigns would ever cause that level of upset as we do a lot of research when targeting bloggers. While I try to gauge the best way to approach each blog depending on the tone of the blog etc and may not always get it spot on, what we are speaking to them about should always be relevant to them.

I’m sure that as I continue in this role the ‘Fear’ will diminish and that when I receive emails back from bloggers I wont have a stomach churning fear that they are emailing me back to suggest that I should start looking for a new career. Until then I will always be grateful for the blogs that give advice on how to avoid these situations.


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