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Last night I popped down to the shopping event hosted by the guys at Domestic Sluttery at Something on Lambs Conduit Street.

Something Shopping EventI’m a big fan of small boutiquey store and I wasn’t disappointed. The store is gorgeous and has lots of lovely items that you wont find down the highstreet (that are also really affordable).

As well as the lovely things is the shop, we were also treated to Pimms and yummy cakes from Kennards across the road as well as a goodie bag to take home.

Although Something’s isn’t  in my local area I’ll definitely be popping down again come pay day to most  likely buy up the whole store for belated birthday present for my friends as well as presents for my self!

If you didnt make it down last night I was seriously recommend going down – especially if you’ve just been paid!

I know this ad’s been out a while but it makes me smile everytime so I thought it would be rude not to add it.

I love this advert! When you have as many brand advocates as Heniz does you don’t need to bash people round the head with your product or even in this case have it in the advert at all.

The advert manages to trigger a more emotional response and goes to show that even the action of using the product can be as well known as the product its self.

You may have clicked on this post expecting some sordid details from the last two weeks as to why I haven’t updated my blog but unfortunately it’s just that I have been crazy busy so I’m sorry! Details of antics that ‘allegedly’ may or may not have occurred during this time stay within a small group of friends and any witnesses have been taken down – only joking!

Being back in the UK has been probably more of a culture shock than being in Asia, with my housemate frequently having to save me from being run over, as unlike in Vietnam the cars here dont go round you, they just hit you.

Getting used to the temperature has also been interesting (13 degrees!) as I have gone from over compensating on the number of items I wear so not only do I look twice as big but generally end up feeling hotter than I did when in Asia, to then being completely blaise and regretting it later when I start to get frost bite.

Although I didn’t intend this to be a personal blog about what I get up to on a daily basis, and since you have had to put up with the random posts about my travels for the last three months I thought I’d do just one more before I get back to the mildly intelligent stuff that I used to post about.

So in a nutshell these last two weeks being back I have; dressed as Shera for my housemates 30th, become a lady that lunches (until I checked my bank balance), caught up with friends, gone north of the M4 for the first time in my life and I suppose most importantly (especially for my bank balance) got a new job as a Social Media Account Manager.

hayles 30th

Since being back I thought I would also compile a short list of tips etc that I learnt a long the way for any one thinking of going away, so here we go:

  • Dont wear a boob tube while travelling to and from places, however comfy it is (you’ll wake up with it round your waist and flashing your boobs – not a good look, although you will make friends quickly
  • Know the local exchange rate – should be obvious one, but guessing what you think it is isn’t the best way
  • Always agree money/ costs before doing anything – nothing is free and it may turn ugly later
  • Be Flexible
  • Roll not fold your clothes as you can get more in your bag that way
  • Just accept that you will never get any sleep on a night bus
  • Tie die or speedo’s never look good
  • Try everything
  • Timings for anything are never guaranteed and will probably take longer than they are meant to
  • When using public transport write down where you want to go – its hilarious looking back on it but not so much at the time when you’re dropped of some where completely random with the insistence that this is where you asked to go.
  • Lastly and probably the best one of all is SMILE! It will change your whole trip and always makes everything better

A few years ago the Mindshare Amsterdam office made a video which I believe at the time won a Campaign award for the worst advertising gimmick of the year, which can be found here.

Just as we’re living that down Mindshare Paris have just made another one – oh the shame! (admittedly its not as bad as the first one).

The worst think is, is that I know once my boss sees it she will want to make a London one…..

I saw this ad on a couple of blogs yesterday so I thought I’d share. Its an ad for T Mobile’s – Life is For Sharing campaign involving 300 dancers breaking out into a dance flashmob stylee at Liverpool Street station last Thursday. As I was actually off last Thurday and in London I’m gutted I wasn’t in Liverpool St Station at the time.

I love that they have gone all out with the number of dancers they hired so that by the end of the ad the whole station is dancing rather than just having 20 odd people in the street. I think my favourite bit though is the old ladys getting involved and joining in with their walking sticks!