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I’ve noticed that I’ve really started to develop a passion for photography. If you read some of my other Friday posts you’ll already know about my love of light graffiti but I recently came across these smoke effect pictures on SmashAps which are gorgeous.

smoke flowers

match smoke

light bulb smoke


I came across this yesterday which fit the randomness theme perfectly…. cow abduction by aliens.

cow abductionA groups of farmers in the US believe that they have found the source of the continuing problem of missing cows – Aliens. The site contains photos and video footage including  re-enactments to warn you all and help you protect your cow(s).

Check it out for your self here Happy Fridays!

I seem to be doubling up on my Random Friday action at the moment but someone just put this on Twitter and it made me laugh so I had to add it. Happy Friday’s I hope your weekends are as good!

In light of the plane crash in New York yesterday the internet has been buzzing with the story of the miracle survival of everyone on the plane, thanks to the amazing skills of the pilot.

Plane Crash

So as you’d expect this has resulted in many posts/ articles on how to survive a plane crash. One I particularly like was from the Telegraph as can be found here, so incase you dont have time to read the full article (you might be boarding a plane as you read this) here’s a few pointers from the article:

  • Rail Travel is the safest form of travel (ok a bit late if you are about to board a plane but you’ll know for next time if you survive)
  • Statistically rear seats are safer. 69% of people survive when sat behind the wing, meaning that there are some benefits to low costs airlines not assigning you seats.
  • Seat belts are good – pull as tight as possible to reduce g-force
  • Brace position negotiable. I have heard this rumour before that its actually designed to kill you rather than safe you but I don’t want to influence anyone either way so suggest going with the flow at the time.
  • If there’s a fire cover your mouth with a wet (if possible – maybe pee on it?) hanky and get to the floor

I hope that helps! Have a good weekend!

Yes I have been lacking on the random Friday action but its back and this year we’re going to make it better!


CatholicGoogle is a new site from Google which they describe as ‘The best way for good Catholics to surf the web ‘ (I’m not sure if they’re providing an alternative site for bad Catholic’s but I’ll let you know if I hear anything).

The site permanently has safe search switched on and if a user searches for queries such as ‘birth control’ the first set of search results are Catholic sites that exmplain why birth control is viewed as at sin by the Catholic Church also for any searches regarded as a sin.

This appears to apply to the PPC ad’s as well if you compare it to a normal Google search results which makes it slightly ironic that by searching for birth control the first ad you see on CatholicGoogle is:

Google Ad

Its going to be a bit of an emotional day today. Two of my favourite people are leaving! Not only are they amazing, more importantly they are my tea buddies, so as well as missing out on the valuable banter I have to either being a tea drinking loner or start recruiting for replacements.

So in dedication to two amazing people I though I make todays random Friday post about them – enjoy!


Also known as Dave, he is one of the most intelligent people I know. He is probably best described as a heppersquirky English gentleman with a passion for China, tea, Flicker as well as a bit of Drum and Bass! He’s leaving to join Jing Tea which basically is going to allow him to deal with China and drink tea all day long!

Heppers is my main source of inspiration with a constant stream of useful links, new bands, and generally cool stuff that’s going on that I should really know about. He has also patiently had to ensure my many rants and taught my the very valuable lesson of to go and get a cup of tea before sending outrageous emails to people when they are being complete muppets.

Heppers love you to bits and going to miss you loads – can’t believe your going, but its totally understandable as your new job is perfect for you!


Although her real name is Claire she is only know as the sweens – a bit like Cher and Bono ( as they are Sweeneyknown by a single name not that she is like them in any way!). As well as working with her we have also lived together and so I can safely say that I have never met anyone so amazingly weird!

Her new blog ‘Sweens Dreams‘ is just an example of what goes on in her head! This may be partly caused to the copious amount of Stella consumed – honestly she is a machine, I would love to meet anyone who thinks they could out drink her on the stuff!

She’s moving to Canada tomorrow to ride a moose and find a pet bear (as long as immigration let her in!) so its all ending today. As one of my best mates I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with out her – sweens I’m going to miss you so much! – Champagne Tuesday’s can never happen without you!

I have decided that as my brain probably only works at 66% on a Friday I’m going to make it my random post day for whatever I’ve found recently that amuses me but that is entirely unrelated to this blog.

Todays post is courtasy of my friend who sent me a link about a Thai Temple made from a million recycled bottles – amazing!

More pictures and information here.